GearWERKZ, which I have often referred to as the 'WERKz, is sort of an existential term that references the space where I create content, as well as the current location where I operate my gear, create multimedia content of various types, and communicate my signal to the world. So, here is as good a place as any to be. Wherever you want to call "here", and wherever that is.

As far as the part of the 'WERKz that is a website, here is where I will be posting all of my musings on comics, games, movies, tech, and TV. So stay tuned, pull up a chair, and have a read, a listen, or a view. What's my mission statement? The same as it has always been. If even one person reads this and finds it of any value, then, mission accomplished. My name is Agasicles Stamas, and these are my life and times as a geek.


Photographer: Agasicles Stamas

Venue: Geek Command Center, v2.0 

Gear: 50" Samsung Plasma TV, HP Slimline Desktop 410-030, PlayStation 4, XBox One, Corsair K65 Gaming Keyboard