Why Am I Here?

GearWERKZ was the original name of my very first web presence on the Internet. I started that blog way back in 2002. The first incarnation of my site was gearwerkz.com. After letting that domain ownership lapse, I returned to the web sometime around 2006 on gearwerkz.net. Around 2010, I started roving various sites on the web as a freelancer. Professional sites, semi-pro sites, and fan sites. Most recently, I have been a contributor over at Geeks World Wide. Right now, I'm just at one of those points where I need to stretch my legs a bit, creatively, and that is easier done flying solo.

If you ask me what the plan is here, I'm not sure I could tell you anything that has a ton of guaranteed follow-through. So let me just tell you the plan for the next 60 days or so. I plan on writing and creating multimedia content centered around my passions. Comics, games, movies, tech, and TV. Lemme discuss each of those seperately.


Comics: I'm going to try focusing on one of those areas as my primary for two months at a time, as far as content creation goes. Comics is first in the barrel, so I'll be sticking with reading weekly shipping issues. Each week, there should be three reviews from the first issues I read out of my pull, so keep an eye out for those. I'll also try to keep some posts up with the week ahead so you know what should be popping up on the site.


Games: I'll continue streaming and recording the My Gaming Diary project and linking that content here. You should be able to watch those videos right from the comfort of this domain space without tripping over to YouTube directly. If you want to start previewing some of what I've already posted over the last year, feel free to check out the Rounding Off Infinity channel. Of course, I'll also periodically post commentary on news as the industry moves along at its rushing pace.



Movies and TV: I do not have any special plans for these areas right now until I get past these first two months focusing on comics. Whenever I do turn my time to these two areas, you can expect news commentary and reviews.

Technology: This passion will likely not take too far of a back seat, so expect content here on know-how's, product purchases and research, financial and business commentary, and product reviews.


So that's it. Look, I love you guys, but this whole catharsis deal has taken up quite a bit of time, so, ya know, let's just agree to have a drink and chat whenever we see each other. I'll be here all week, folks.